We love passionately contributing to the environment and hope you do too. Reduce your paper usage and waste, and do no print unless it is necessary. By reducing our paper usage, we lower the output and demand for paper. Thus, there is less deforestation, air pollution and paper pollution from paper production. And less paper means less toner and ink. Toner and printing ink can contain hazardous materials such as heavy metals and solvents. Many inks have a petroleum content which is referred to as VOC content.
Our services allow you to store countless amounts of information on your flash drive instead of printing it! We provide Virtual Proofs with your logo on flash drives you are interested in. These can be saved and emailed to your colleagues, until you select your favorite one to customize for your corporation. Remember Save a Tree, No Printing!

We are an Eco-friendly manufacturer. Many of our products and packaging are made from recycled materials. So you can feel good about your purchase at Gemini.

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